MicroTrac- Controller


A microprocessor based feed and bleed toroidal conductivity, Learn more

Microvision Toroidal sensors

MicroVision Controller

Toroidal sensors are not susceptible to fouling and eliminate the need for routine cleaning and calibration., Learn more

The MicroVision Timer

MicroVision Timer

The MicroVision Timer comes standard with the five programmable digital inputs, Learn more

MicroVision Boiler

MicroVision Boiler

Configured specifically for boiler water control featuring a reliable temperature, Learn more

MicroVision EX controller

MicroVision EX

A microprocessor-based Conductivity, pH, & ORP controller, Learn more

MPC controller


Expands the flow range capability of the PULSAR, Pulsar HypoPump, Shadow, Shadow HypoPump, Series M, and OMNI Series, Learn more

ABC Boiler Controller

ABC Boiler Controller

Features analog technology and includes selectable scale, Learn more

ACT Series Controller

ACT Series Controller

Designed using analog technology with plug in circuit boards, Learn more

PULSAtrol MC9200 controller

PULSAtrol MC9200

Provides microprocessor based control for recalculating cooling water systems, Learn more

PULSAtrol MC9300 controller

PULSAtrol MC9300

Include as standard, four tagable timers two water meter totalizers user configured, Learn more

MCT Series controllers

MCT Series controllers

Offer conduit connections where hard wiring is preferred, Learn more

MBC Series Controllers

MBC Series Controllers

Sample mode programmable for either timed or continuous sampling, Learn more