Dosing Pumps Chem-Tech Series XPV pump

Chem-Tech Series XPV

Combines the best in variable speed peristaltic pump technology with state of the art control electronics, Learn more

Chem-Tech Series XP Pump-Dosing Pumps

Chem-Tech Series XP

The electronic timing circuit in the adjustable ‘A’ Models provides reliable pump control, Learn more

 Chem-Tech Prime Performance dosing Series Pumps

Chem-Tech Prime Performance Series

Degassing valve system for applications using off-gassing chemicals, Learn more

Dosing pumps - Chem tech series

Chem-Tech Series 100

Standard by which all other dosing pumps are judged, Learn more

 Dosing Pumps - Chem Tech

Chem-Tech Series 200 and 250

Heavy duty diaphragm feed pumps provide excellent efficiency under strenuous conditions, Learn more