Z-Compact ozone system

Z-Compact ozone system - onsite integrated solution


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Wedeco engineers have worked closely with pulp and paper manufacturers around the world to understand their specific ozone system requirements. The result is the Z-Compact ozone system, a containerized solution that has been engineered to meet the needs of the pulp and paper market. Unlike a traditional ozone generation system, comprised of only the generator and power supply unit, the Z-Compact containerized unit includes, and houses, the ozone generator and power supply unit as well as the instrumentation, high voltage transformer, generator PLC, air conditioning and chemical filter systems.

The unit’s modular design accommodates a limited footprint, and can operate in aggressive environments. Lighted and insulated (100 mm), the Z-Compact comes equipped with a heating system and a sophisticated ventilation system to release produced heat. The units are also designed and manufactured according to international standards for the application of ozone.

Maximize the ozone with Effizon evo 2G electrodes.

Effizon evo 2G electrode technology is the core element of every Wedeco PDOevo ozone system. Featuring a glass core, which consists only of high strength borosilicate glass and stainless steel mesh, the Effizon evo 2G helps Wedeco ozone systems achieve a level of reliability and energy efficiency unattainable with most other electrode technologies.

The electrodes are manufactured completely from inert materials, without the need for fuses or coatings, making them highly resistant to corrosion. This means that the Wedeco ozone generators are practically maintenance free with no need for regular cleaning or replacement of the electrodes.

Effizon evo 2G electrodes offer multiple independently operated safety layers. This inherent safety feature is called Intelligent Electrode Protection. Intelligent Electrode Protection complements the existing active protection interlocks inside the power supply unit (PSU) with an additional passive electrode protection that does not rely on power. In contrast to traditional safety concepts, such as fuses, the innovative Intelligent Electrode Protection is not prone to any false detection in the event of electrode defects.

The unique dual gap of the Effizon evo 2G electrode guides the oxygen gas flows across this electrical field on both the inside and outside of the glass tube dielectric. Medium voltage with variable frequency control is connected and evenly distributed to all electrodes, connected at the stainless steel mesh, which is supported with a glass rod. The glass dielectric tube provides resistance needed for creation of an electrical field in each stainless steel tube. The result is efficient ozone production on both sides of the dielectric, lowering the applied specific energy and increasing ozone production.


  • Containerized ozone system with ozone production of 3,120 to 20,800 lbs./day or 60kg/hr to 400kg/hr per unit
  • Plug and Play solution
  • Customized, completely mounted and instrumented “plug and play” system
  • Limited space required
  • Modular design compatible for expansion
  • Operation with ambient air temperature from -25°C to 50°C in aggressive environments
  • Easy installation with reduced civil works
  • 10-year replacement warranty on Effizon evo 2G electrodes
  • CE, UL Certified
  • Better control of safety procedures

Industries & Applications

  • Aquaculture Land-based Flow Through
  • Building Systems Wastewater Systems
  • General Industry Pulp & Paper Bleaching
  • Pharmaceutical-Biopharmaceutical Contaminant Removal
  • Pharmaceutical-Biopharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment
  • Underground Camp Water
  • Mining & Quarrying Aggregates Production Water & Wastewater Reuse
  • Mining & Quarrying-Aggregates Production Process Analytics & Treatment
  • Wastewater Sludge Pumping & Treatment
  • Potable Drinking Water Clarification
  • Potable Drinking Water Filtration
  • Potable Drinking Water Disinfection
  • Desalination Pre-Treatment
  • Oil & Gas Hydraulic Fracturing On-Pad Water Management
  • Oil & Gas Offshore Offshore Supply Vessels



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