GSO ozone system

Ozone generators for small and medium applications


Xylem Wedeco Ozone generators for water disinfection


Xylem’s small GSO Wedeco ozone systems are designed to produce ozone effectively from 3 - 400 g/hr.

The SMOevo series is manufactured in two principle configurations: the Greenline with maximum energy efficiency and low lifecycle costs, or the budget-oriented Smartline.

These systems offer high ozone concentration yields with low energy demand. System parameters are monitored and displayed to ensure safe and reliable operation. The result is maximum ozone production, minimum operating costs and unmatched reliability.

Wedeco ozone generators are ideally used for disinfection and oxidation of process water in industry, laboratory and pilot plant applications. Standard applications include drinking water, process water loops, recycling processes, rinsers, food and beverage industry, cooling water, fish farming and swimming pools. The advantages of these small ozone systems include reduced energy consumption, drastically reduced oxygen demand due to high production concentrations, low installation and maintenance requirements, low investment and operating costs, and high reliability. These systems are built for permanent operation with a compact design.


  • Ozone production of 0.5 to 20 lbs./day 3 to 400 g/hr
  • Compact design
  • Low installation and maintenance requirements
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • High concentration ozone generation
  • Engineered for permanent operation

Industries & Applications

  • Aquaculture Live Haul
  • Aquaculture Land-based Recirculating Systems (RAS)
  • Aquaculture Land-based Flow Through
  • Ocean & Coastal Fisheries
  • Ocean & Coastal Offshore Installations-Mooring-Platforms
  • Food & Beverage Services Cold Beverage Dispensing
  • Pharmaceutical-Biopharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment
  • Underground Cyanide Detection & Reduction
  • Oil & Gas-Offshore Platform Water Management



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